SaddleHorseBlues Staggered Fused Clapton 0.36Ω (2 Pack)

Out Of Stock SaddleHorseBlues Staggered Fused Clapton 0.36Ω (2 Pack)
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The Vaporist now offers SaddleHorseBlues coils! Shane is one of Canada's best coil makers and we are proud to have the opportunity to offer his coils on our website!

Originated by the man himself, Squidoode, the Staggered Fused Clapton is the workhorse of the coil collection. A sturdy and long-lasting coil, it’s comprised of 2 cores each with a spaced wrap and then fused together with an outer wrap. Available in lower or higher Ohms, once you try these out they’ll be a mainstay in your collection.

Coil Specs: 

 - Resistance: 0.36Ω (per coil)
 - Wires: 
6 Wraps 3.0mm
Number of coils: 2
- Notes: When installing a dual build, divide the resistance by two!
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